European Union: Vaccine drive seems to be disrupted by new announcements

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The European Union is busy organizing vaccination drives, and campaigns as the vaccine shots for the COVID-19 virus is now global. The EU’s vaccination movement seems to have hit a snag as Germany, Italy, France have suspended the use of AstraZeneca shots amid rising safety concerns.

The decision came from the nations as many other countries raised their concerns regarding the side effects of the vaccination shots from AstraZeneca. Many countries have voiced their concerns over the shots’ serious side effects, but WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that there is no proven link between the vaccination and the alleged effects, and people should stop panicking about this.

The EU vaccination movement has been in disarray as Denmark and Norway stopped giving the shot last week while Iceland, Bulgaria, Ireland, and the Netherlands followed Sunday. Cadena Ser radio of Spain has also reported that Spain will also stop using the vaccine for 15 days.

The European Union’s concerns are rising as the cases are increasing, and the situation is seeming like it will once again be intensified.

Germany is facing its new wave of infections, including Italy, and many hospitals in the Paris region are being overloaded.

The disruption due to the underutilization caused by AstraZeneca vaccines will have a massive effect on the European Union. They could make the situation worse if not handled with utmost precaution.