‘Carelessness in certain areas’; The CPI (M) assessment that the perception that it would win anyway affected the work

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The CPI (M) state secretariat has assessed that the Left Front activists are showing indifference in some constituencies after the release of the survey results of the Assembly elections. The CPI (M) advised people not to be fooled by polls and to be more vigilant in the election campaign. Following the survey results that the Left will get the continuation of the rule, the perception that it will win anyway affected the work. The CPI (M) state secretariat also decided to take immediate action.

The CPI (M) has also decided to intensify its door-to-door campaigning after the end of public meetings. The decision has been made to start the door-to-door campaign by April 1. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, PB members and others will go to the houses to solicit votes.

The Left Front is going to focus on family gatherings. A team of students, youths and people from different walks of life will visit the houses and explain the development and welfare activities of the government.

The CPI (M) convened today to evaluate the party’s election program and formulate strategies.