‘Kerala’: CBI to investigate the Walayar case


The CBI took over the Walayar case. The FIR was filed in the Palakkad Pokso court. On January 26, the government issued a notification leaving the case to the CBI.

The government had referred the case to the CBI after considering the parents’ demand. A few days back, the Kerala High Court had directed the CBI to take up the case and start an investigation as soon as possible. The High Court also directed the state government to hand over all the case documents to the CBI within ten days.

The High Court had on January 6 quashed the acquittal order. The trial court suppressed the order. The verdict was overturned on the appeal of the children’s mother and the government. The High Court has directed a retrial in the Walayar case.

Bhagyavathi’s beheading in protest of the Home Department’s failure to take action against police officers who sabotaged the investigation into the case was big news. This was because no action was taken despite the Satyagraha agitation on January 26 on the way to Palakkad.

The children’s mother, Bhagyavathi, is contesting against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in Dharmadam as a sign of protest that justice has not been done in the case.