Bengaluru’s young man commits suicide due to sexual blackmailing on FB

sextortion 1

Everyone is familiar with extortion, but do you know about sextortion? 

Cybercriminal people today are cheating people by sexual blackmailing them. You may find this thing strange, but it is true. Recently a case has been reported in Bengaluru. The police have uncovered a shocking case of extortion and cybercrime. On March 23, a 26-year-old MBA graduate and youth preparing for IAS committed suicide after being blackmailed by a group of cybercriminals. Initially, the police could not find the cause of suicide and registered a case of unnatural death. However, reports have recently revealed that the youth committed suicide due to being a victim of cybercrime.

According to a Times of India report, the victim was blackmailed via Facebook by cybercriminals. The young man allegedly accepted the friend request of a stranger girl named Neha Sharma on Facebook. Gradually the two came close to each other and started making video calls. During the call, Sharma used to get nude and asked the young man to do the same. The unknown man got caught up in the talk of video recording.

Subsequently, Neha Sharma and a group of other cybercriminals started threatening the young man and demanded money. He threatened to make his nude photos viral among friends if he did not do so. According to reports, the gang cheated the young man of Rs 36,000.

What is sextortion?

Many times users go to any porn, dating or any such site, which is not secure. Hackers take the details of surfing details with the help of software. After this, they collect information about the user’s number, email id and details of the social media account. Then they blackmail them and cheat people. Minors target boys and girls the most.