Man who cheated in the name of actor Sonu Sood was arrested, used to cheat people in the name of help

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Cyber ​​thugs are adopting new methods every day to trap people in their clutches. Criminals are so vicious that they would have bankrupted hundreds of people before it came to know about it. As long as we are cautious about it, they adopt a new way. The cheats of the thugs are so high that common people, even common people, come in their JD. The latest case is related to film actor Sonu Sood. This actor emerged as the Messiah of the troubled, poor and needy during the Corona era. People often ask him for help. Taking advantage of this, cyber thugs have started cheating people in their name.

The cybercrime unit of the Cyberabad police of Telangana has arrested a man who allegedly duped a person from Telangana by promising help in the name of Sonu Sood. The accused Ashish Kumar Singh, 23, of Muzaffarpur, Bihar, was arrested on Saturday. According to the police, the accused has described himself as an adviser to Sonu Sood on Twitter.

The complainant lodged a report with the police on March 3. Accordingly, he told that he wanted to help some needy people in his state Telangana. He came to know that Sonu Sood also helps people. In such a situation, he began to find out the number of his charity company. One day he got a number he called.

Described himself as an advisor to Sonu Sood’s charity company

According to the complainant, the person who picked up the phone described himself as an advisor to Sonu Sood’s charity company. He assured the Telangana person of help and said that Sood will give a donation of up to 50 thousand rupees, but instead, he will have to pay the registration fee and for this, he will have to pay 8 thousand 300 rupees. The accused called a few days later and said that Sonu has decided to give Rs 3 lakh 60 thousand for help, but for registration, it will have to pay 60 thousand rupees.

How was he caught?

On hearing such a huge amount on the phone, the complainant suspected fraud. The demand of the accused was constantly increasing. In such a situation, he complained to the police. According to the police, when people approached the accused for help, he called them his name Pankaj Singh Bhadoria. Not only this, but he also used to send fake identity cards to people by the same name and used to take people into his faith after which people would send the money he had asked for. The accused used to assure them that they would get help and their money would be refunded.

Sonu Sood responded

Sonu Sood has given his response in the case. He warned that people who cheat in his name should stop doing this, otherwise they will be in jail soon. He has also praised the cyber and Telangana police.