Kerala elections: League suspects BJP of getting Congress votes in Manjeshwar

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The Muslim League suspects that there is a vote leak in the Congress in Manjeshwar. With the knowledge of the Congress leadership, the League suspects that the BJP has shifted the traditional votes that the UDF was getting. It is estimated that Congress has voted for the BJP in the Congress-affected areas of Vorkadi, Meencha and Paivalige panchayats. However, the league leadership estimates that the UDF got the most votes in the N Makaje panchayat, which is the most influential in the constituency.

Meanwhile, CPI (M) district secretary MV Balakrishnan Master alleged that the Congress votes in three panchayats in Manjeshwar were diverted to the BJP. He also accused Congress of taking full responsibility if the BJP wins.

‘It is not possible to say who will win in Manjeshwar now. It’s such strong competition. The hope is that the Left will win. There is a concern there. Mullappally said that the CPIM vote was against the BJP. There was even audacity to withdraw the CPI (M) candidate and support the UDF. No one who eats food will think that the CPI (M) will vote for the UDF or the BJP. Their votes have been given to the BJP in three panchayats, ”said MV Balakrishnan Master.

MV Balakrishnan said that if the BJP wins, Congress will be fully responsible, especially Mullappally.