‘I am not a careerist, I will continue to write poetry’; G Sudhakaran

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Alappuzha: Minister G Sudhakaran said that he will continue to be a party worker. His response was in an interview with Mathrubhumi. G Sudhakaran was responding to a question on the resignation of a minister and an MLA.

‘Will continue to be a party worker. I am not a careerist. Nothing is planned in advance. Poetry will continue to be written. I have learned from messages and letters that there are a lot of people who like my poetry. My poems are understandable to everyone. I don’t usually write prose poems’, said G Sudhakaran.

G Sudhakaran had said that all the sitting seats in Alappuzha including Kayamkulam would be retained. Sudhakaran said that if there was a good match in Kayamkulam, Pratibha would win. Sudhakaran’s response was to Mathyabhumi News.

At the same time, Sudhakaran said that Arita Babu’s election campaign in Kayamkulam was a melodrama and not at all serious.

‘There was a good match in Kayamkulam, but the talent will definitely win. If you look at the campaign, you know that the opponent is not serious at all. The complaint was that the house was stoned, it was called, it was called. It was like a college election campaign. Total Melo Drama. We know the house is not stoned to the left. Has Priyanka Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi done anything for Alappuzha? Aren’t we the ones who did it ‘- G Sudhakaran asked.

He said that the report of the selection committee was that Ambalapuzha and Alappuzha would win with a good majority.