Legal advice that government can question Lokayukta order; ‘Failure in Lokayukta proceedings’


The AG’s legal advice is that the government can question the Lokayukta order against Minister KT Jaleel on the issue of kinship. The Advocate General’s legal advice is that the government can approach the court against the verdict.

The AG said the Lokayukta order did not comply with the rules. There is a lapse in the procedures of the Lokayukta. The Lokayukta has to follow the same procedures as the civil court. The suggestion to remove the minister should not be taken lightly. The government’s side of the issue should have been heard as well. The AG in his legal advice clarified that the Lokayukta had issued the verdict without complying with any of these.

KT Jalil resigned from the ministry following the Lokayukta verdict on the issue of kinship. After his resignation, Jalil wrote on Facebook that those who were anxious to drain his blood could be relieved for the time being and that he was happy to announce the resignation letter to the Chief Minister.

It is learned that Jalil’s resignation was on the instructions of the CPI (M) leadership. Jalil’s resignation comes amid continuing opposition within the CPI (M) over the delay. The party said Jalil’s resignation from the ministry on moral grounds could restore its image.

When the EP Jayarajan government, which was the second in the cabinet, was initially involved in the fraternisation controversy, the fact that the party did not allow such a delay became a big issue within the party. At that time, the leaders reminded the party that it was a moral decision to ask for Jayarajan’s resignation without regard to his arguments. Then there was the criticism within the party as to why this morality does not exist in the case of Jalil.

The party defended itself after the opposition accepted the criticism that it had taken two approaches towards senior leaders EP Jayarajan and KT Jaleel. With this, the CPI (M) decided not to compromise on Jalil’s resignation. Jaleel’s resignation came after Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan defended him in all controversies. The CPI (M) believes that resigning from high-profile allegations for two years can be completely avoided.