Lokayukta verdict: Govt will not go to high court for Jalil

kt jaleel

The state government will not approach the high court against the Lokayukta verdict against KT Jaleel. The government’s decision comes in the wake of Jalil’s resignation. He had sought legal advice from the AG in this regard. The legal advice was to approach the High Court.

Jalil had approached the court questioning the Lokayukta verdict. Along with Jalil, the government could have questioned the order and filed a petition.

The AG said the Lokayukta order was issued without following the rules. In legal advice, the AG said that the procedure under Section 9 of the Lokayukta Act has not been followed. This rule states that if a complaint is received, the respondent must receive a copy of the complaint prior to the investigation. However, the AG clarified in his legal advice that the copy given to Jaleel was with the final order and that it would not stand. According to the legal advice, the opposition and the government can approach the High Court.

KT Jalil had approached the High Court seeking quashing of the Lokayukta order. The minister said in the petition that the Lokayukta’s findings were made without examining the facts properly.

Jalil said in the petition that the Lokayukta had reached a final decision without conducting a preliminary inquiry and that this was not within the purview of the Lokayukta. The Lokayukta has not followed due process of law and is therefore seeking to dismiss the Lokayukta’s finding.