Indians have to pay the highest rate in the world for a single dose of covishield vaccine in private hospitals

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From May 1, Indians will be required to receive the Covishield vaccine from private hospitals at the highest vaccination rate in the world. In private hospitals, Indians have to pay Rs 600 for a single dose of the Covid vaccine. According to this, private hospitals in India will be the largest recipients of the Covishield vaccine.

According to the Serum Institute, the cost of shipping the cochlear shield directly is one and a half times higher than what the states receive from the centre. 400 per dose. 600 in private hospitals. According to this, taking two doses of the vaccine will cost the states Rs 800 per person. In private hospitals, you have to spend Rs.1200. In private hospitals, the service charge will go up even more than Rs 1,200.

The vaccine, jointly developed by Austrazenaka and Oxford, is being manufactured in India and some other countries in collaboration with the Serum Institute of India.

The cost charged by private hospitals in India is very high compared to other countries that receive the Covishield vaccine. In Saudi Arabia, the cost of a single dose of Covishield wax is around Rs 395 in Indian rupees. In the United States, a single dose of CoviShield wax costs about 300 rupees. In Bangladesh, it is only Rs 300. The cost of the vaccine in the UK is around Rs 225. It is even lower in European Union countries.

The Center had yesterday approved the sale of 50 per cent of the wax produced in the country to the state government and private hospitals from May 1. This was followed by the Serum Institute announcing the price. Meanwhile, free vaccination has been announced in states including Kerala and Chhattisgarh.