Lucknow Engineer turned into a Civil Engineer, earns Rs 70000 per month


Om Prakash Prajapati, 29, who lives in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, was working as a civil engineer in Banaras. But, in lockdown, he quit his job and started his startup, ‘Lucknow Kabadiwala’.

A large number of people have lost their jobs due to the Corona epidemic. Because of this, people all over the world are facing a lot of problems. But there are some people who have also sought opportunity in disaster and have taken up the risk of starting their own business. Om Prakash Prajapati, 29, of Lucknow, is one of these people.

Om Prakash always wanted to do some of his work and he was also working on an idea for a long time. But for one reason or another, he could not muster the courage to quit his job and start work. “I have done a diploma in civil engineering. After completion of the diploma, for some time worked in a company in Lucknow and then joined a company in Benaras. Before starting my startup, I was working in Banaras itself. Where I used to get 30 thousand rupees every month.” he said.

Before the lockdown began in the country last year, Om Prakash came home on leave. He had no idea that his few days’ vacations would turn into months. He explains that at the time of lockdown, he could not return to Benares. This was the time when he felt that he should start his business now. He spoke in his family and decided to give himself a chance. In June 2020, he started his startup ‘ Lucknow Kabadiwala ‘.

Idea found while doing a job:

Om Prakash says that he got the idea of ​​this work during his job. They also had to do ‘scrap management’ (waste/waste management) at different places during work. People who used to come to buy junk there used to take things at a straight price. Om Prakash often thought that if this work is done properly and in good order, then it can be a good business. He had got the idea and just wanted to work on it. So in 2019, he got his website built after thinking about his business name.

He told, “I felt that if I get a website built, then there will be a desire to start it. So in lockdown, when I thought it would probably be right to start a business at this time, I did not think again. Family members also said that if you want to do business, then try once. Getting along with the family further strengthened my courage. Therefore, I resigned from the job. ”

However, there were many people around Om Prakash who did not find his decision correct. Many people also told them that it is not sensible to leave a job in this environment. However, Om Prakash was determined to focus only on his work without worrying about failure. If they have to fail then why not try and fail once! Om Prakash started his work in June 2020. For funding, he used his savings money and his family members also helped him a lot.

How does he work? 

Om Prakash has put the price list of about 33 items of junk on his website. These include items such as newspapers, aluminium, copper, books, batteries, coolers, cables, fibre, and electronics. If someone has to give any old or bad stuff, junk to him, then this website is a better option for him. People can give information about their goods by visiting this website or through the phone. After talking to him, Om Prakash’s team arrives at his house and weights the electronic machine to buy junk.

Also, Om Prakash buys junk from people who collect junk from door to door on the cart. He says that social media has helped him a lot in this work. They have now built a warehouse of their own, in which they have started filling up more and more purchased junk. Om Prakash, after purchasing junk goods, sells to big dealers or recyclers who work in this area. Which are currently limited to Lucknow only. He has about five thousand customers in the city.

Three people have also got employment in this work. Currently, Om Prakash’s earnings are around 70 thousand rupees per month. He is satisfied that he is now doing his work, which he always wanted to do. Even his journey was filled with many challenges. Initially, he also suffered losses, but his family always supported him.

He said, “I thought many times, should I stop this work?” However, the family always encouraged me. He said that keep trying, what is the use of working if you give up once or twice. Today I am glad that I did not give up because now our business has started moving forward. ”

Plan Ahead: 

At the moment, Om Prakash and his team are working only in Lucknow and they collect junk only three days a week. Then separate it to several dealers. Om Prakash says that he plans to do this work throughout the week. In addition, he wants to connect with more customers as well as new dealers.

His plan is to spread his work to other cities of Uttar Pradesh first. After this, they will also think about other states. He says that he works with transparency. So slowly, they are also getting success. For people who want to start their own startup, he only recommends that the more time you spend in making a business strategy, the less your willpower will be. You cannot learn everything before starting a business. Many tricks of the business and things related to that sector, you can learn only after starting your work. Therefore, do not think too much and start your work.