‘Thinking about what can be done for India’; Boris Johnson with an offer of help

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered to help with the situation in the country. Boris Johnson offered ventilators and other medical assistance to India.

‘We are thinking of what can be done to help India and its people.’ National media reports quoting Boris Johnson. It was cancelled in the wake of Boris Johnson COVID, who was earlier scheduled to visit India.

Russia has also come forward with a promise to help India deal with the crisis over oxygen cylinders and medicines. Russia has said it will export medical supplies of oxygen and remdesivir to COVID patients. Oxygen cylinders will also reach India by ship. Official sources told the national media that these would reach India within 15 days.

Along with Russia, China has also offered assistance to India. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it was ready to provide oxygen in view of the dangerous situation in India. But China says India is not considering China for oxygen imports, but other countries.

The COVID-19 situation in India is very bad. Oxygen shortages are acute, including in Delhi. The day before, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had held discussions with the Chief Ministers of the ten states where COVID-19 was rife.