Vaiga murder case: Suspected that the crucial evidence was lost after washing the car

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Police say Sanu Mohan’s father’s statement that he was financially responsible for killing Vaiga and that he had decided to commit suicide after killing his daughter was false. Police also found out that Sanu Mohan had planned to kill the child and live in disguise.

According to the probe team, the statement that Vaiga was killed at her flat in Kangarappadi and dumped in the Muttar river cannot be taken at face value. Police also suspect that Sanu Mohan had a secret girlfriend.

Police have received information that Sanu Mohan’s statement that he had attempted suicide in Goa was refuted. After arriving in Goa, the accused wandered around the gambling dens, malls and theatres. Sanu Mohan was brought to these places and the police took evidence.

Meanwhile, the probe team said that the bloodstain on Sanu Mohan’s car, which was crucial evidence in the Vaiga murder case, was lost after washing the car. It is suspected that the accused Sanu Mohan lost blood stains after washing the car he sold in Coimbatore. However, a bloodstain was found on the seat of the car. The car recovered from Coimbatore was brought to Thrikkakara for inspection.

Vaigai, who was unconscious, was taken to the Muttar river and laid in the back seat of the car. Vaiga’s nose was bleeding when he tried to suffocate. Police and forensic experts examined the car for evidence, including bloodstains and hair loss. But the car buyers shampooed the evidence, leaving little to no evidence.

The probe team will return to Kerala with Sanu Mohan after taking evidence in Sagova, Kollur, Karwar and Karwar beach. Sanu Mohan will then be taken to his relatives’ house in Alappuzha for evidence. After this, Sanu and his wife will be interrogated together. The accused will also be questioned in the presence of a psychiatrist.

The court remanded Sanu in police custody till 4 pm on Thursday. Pune police may also take Sanu into custody in connection with the financial scam. Sanu Mohan owes Rs 3 crore to a Pune-based steel company There are two cases against him in Pune.