Actor Adithyan attempts suicide; The nerve in his hand was found cut inside the car

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Serial actor Adityan attempted suicide. The nerve in his hand was cut and found inside the car. The incident took place in Thrissur. It is reported that Aditya has been admitted to the Thrissur district hospital. Adityan is also the husband of actress Ambili Devi.

The issues between the two have been in the news on the channels for a few days. Adityan had also given interviews on various channels along with evidence that Ambili Devi was having an affair with another person. Following this, Ambili Devi also came on the scene to express her reaction.

Ambili Devi Norama had released CCTV footage of Adityan threatening himself and his family at home yesterday. Adityan threatened to stab himself and his family at home. It was said that Koothu and Vettikollum. Ambili Devi said that he also threw away the clothes he had bought for his son.

Words of Ambili Devi:

‘People in our house were threatened with knives. He said he would stab, cut and kill. The clothes he had bought for Appu were also thrown away. Something I said irritated him. ‘If you had helped me financially, I would have put it in the little boy’s mouth.’

It felt like something when I said this later about giving with love. He also bought a dress when threatened. Then I said I have to give it to Appu. Then he talked about a lot of things. The dress was finally taken off. Then he went outside and stepped on the gate. He took a knife out of his pocket and spoke in a way that would cut and stab everything. He threatened not to reveal it. You will be more ashamed than I am. ‘