Union Health Ministry: ‘ Time has come to wear mask at home’

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As the second wave of COVID in the country intensifies, the Center has said that it is too late for people to use masks at home. The Center also demanded an end to the trend of inviting guests and others to their homes. VK Paul, a member of the Niti Aayog, made the suggestion while assessing the current COVID situation.

It’s time to stay home and not invite people home to wear masks. Do not walk out of houses unnecessarily. If you have a COVID positive person in your home, he or she should be careful not to infect others in the home. They must wear a mask.

The time has come for everyone to wear a mask at home. “Earlier we were just talking about wearing a mask outside the house, but today, considering the spread of the disease, it is a good idea to wear a mask inside the house,” he added.

According to the Center, research shows that the disease can spread from one person to 406 people in 30 days. No need to panic unnecessarily. It will do more harm than good and at the same time proceed with following precautions and instructions. The Center also warned that further crisis would ensue if the regulations were not complied with.

The Empowered Committee, chaired by VK Paul, had earlier suggested increasing oxygen availability. Earlier in the day, the Center had been warned that the number of COVID cases could cross three lakh per day by mid-April and six lakh by mid-May.