Car burning incident; Shiju Varghese arrested in Goa

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EMCC Director Shiju Varghese in custody. He was taken into custody by Goa. Shiju Varghese has been arrested in connection with the burning of his car on polling day.

Earlier, the police had taken into custody a member of the Quotations team from Thiruvananthapuram. A group of four people reportedly carried out the attack. Police have also taken into custody the vehicle in which the group escaped after the attack.

The incident took place around 5.30 am on polling day. EMCC Director Shiju Varghese, who contested as an independent candidate in Kundara, had alleged that Shiju Varghese was a political conspirator to sabotage the elections after he revealed that he had been attacked.

The minister alleged that Shiju Varghese himself had brought petrol and tried to set the car on fire but was stopped by the police.