‘I want to see him’; Raihanath says she cannot fully believe what the UP government is saying

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Kappan’s wife Raihanath says she can not fully believe the UP government’s claim that Siddique Kappan COVID, a Malayalam journalist lodged in a UP jail in the UAPA case, has been cured and transferred to a hospital. Raihanath asked to see Siddique Kappan in person. The response was to Web News Observer.

‘I want to see. I need to talk to him. Because I do not believe everything the UP government says. No one knows the many sufferings he endured in the past. But after being transferred to Mathura Jail, the first problem was food.

Siddique does not say that Kappan should be given special protection. His health as a human being should be considered. Siddique did not get permission to see Kappan several times. We can only understand the condition of a man who was tied up for four days. The then UP government said it could not be seen because of COVID. “I want to see Siddique Kappan again,” she said.

The Uttar Pradesh government has submitted a medical report to the Supreme Court on Kappan’s health condition, saying that Kappan COVID has been cured and transferred to jail. Kappan was taken to the hospital on the 21st after being confirmed by COVID. According to the report, the captain had injuries on his body while being transferred to the hospital.

Kappan suffered serious injuries and was later transferred to a prison hospital and later to a medical college, his lawyer said. Matthew Wilson
said. Wilson Mathews said the medical report showed he had been injured after falling in the bathroom and had been discharged.