‘It is now understood that there is a pleasure in waiting;’ Krishna kumar says he does not want to be overthrown

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BJP candidate and actor Krishna Kumar said that contesting the assembly elections was a different experience. Krishna Kumar, who did not even contest the school elections, said that contesting the assembly elections was an unforgettable experience in his life and he had learned many lessons in 20 days. The response has been overwhelming.

In the past, I wondered how the candidates would be tense until they knew the result. Krishna Kumar, however, said that he has now realized that the wait is a pleasure.

I did not even stand in the school election. I was trying to win over others. Ninety per cent of the elections were positive experiences. But the view in coastal areas and in places like the colony within the city was disturbing. Krishna Kumar said that these days he was studying how to help them at the government level. Krishna Kumar said that the shooting of the serial had stopped due to the election campaign and thanked the director and producer of the serial.

Krishna Kumar said he was not worried about the outcome of the election. ‘We have a sister named Smriti Irani in front of us. They did not see the result. They worked there. Five years later they got the result. I have some thoughts in my mind and I don’t want to hide them, ‘Krishna Kumar said.