Ex-army doctor started a campaign called ‘Citizens for Green Doon’; Planted 60 thousand trees

green doon

By defeating cancer, ex-army doctor Nitin Pandey and his team started ‘Citizens for Green Doon’ in Dehradun.

“About 11 years ago, I was told in two-three hospitals that I could not be treated due to tongue cancer. I do not have much time to live, so I should spend the rest of my time with my family. Those times were difficult, and I only thought that if I got well or had a second chance to live, I would dedicate it to the betterment of the people. So, when I started recovering after a lot of struggle, I decided that I had to do something for others. ” This is to say of Dr Nitin Pandey, who lives in Uttarakhand.

Dr Nitin, 59, running a private clinic in Dehradun, completed his MBBS degree from ‘Armed Forces Medical College’. Subsequently, he served in the Army for some time. In 2009, he came to know about his tongue cancer, after which his life changed completely.

He says that when he returned to Dehradun after his treatment, he noticed that the greenery in the area had reduced. People were felling trees indiscriminately, causing harm to the environment. Dr Nitin decided to do something about it.

Talking to Web News Observer, Dr Nitin says, “For a healthy life, we need to strike a balance with nature. Therefore, I decided to do something for the environment first. He discussed this topic with his friends and some friends and started ‘ Citizens for Green Doon ‘ with him. ”

Planted more than 60 thousand trees: 

Along with spreading awareness about cancer among people, Dr Nitin also focused on making them sensitive to the environment. He says, “People don’t notice how many trees or plants have grown or grown around us. While it is essential that if someone in our area is cutting trees, we should raise questions and save trees from being cut down. It is the insensitivity of the people to the environment, which we have reached today in this situation. ”

He is also associated with Himanshu Arora, Aneesh Lal, Ruchi Singh, Jaya Singh and Laksha Mehta. All these people are connected to different fields of work. But through ‘Citizens for Green Doon, they do plantation work in Dehradun and give applications in court to save trees from being cut.

Laxha Mehta, 53, is a housewife and has been associated with the organisation since its inception. He said, “We have been living in Dehradun for generations. We must save our city and its greenery. Earlier, if a tree were cut somewhere, no one would say anything because we thought about stopping trees from being cut down. But now it is not so. If anyone member of our team also sees a tree being cut, then we immediately stop it from happening. Because unless we raise our voice, change will not occur. ”

Due to ‘Citizens for Green Doon, about 20 thousand trees have been saved in the city. Also, so far, this organisation has planted more than 60 thousand trees and saplings. He explains, “We have planted 60,000 trees in and around Dehradun, of which about 85% are healthy. Our plantation drive is going on continuously. Today, about five thousand people have joined this campaign. ”

Is a team also inspires students to plant more and more trees by going to schools and colleges? They aim to connect the youth with this campaign as much as possible so that the future can be realised. Dr Nitin says that this task is not so easy. Apart from funding for their campaigns, they face many other problems. Like the attitude of people! No human being can change his behaviour easily. The biggest problem is that many people do not want to change.

Laksha said, “Many times, there is a lot of difficulty in planting saplings. Because people do not want trees to be planted outside their homes, shops, they have their reasons behind this. We do not get much support from the administration either. Therefore, we have no choice but to apply to court. ” But there are also some people who are taking part in this campaign and are trying to save the environment.

They all say that if you see a tree being cut down, then immediately raise your voice against it. Apart from this, if you roam somewhere during the rainy season, take the seeds of different trees or plants with them, plant small plants, and space. Be it seeds or plants during the rainy season, and they multiply. Therefore, make a contribution to the environment in this season.

Campaign for women empowerment: 

Dr Nitin Pandey explains that he met a young engineer, Shruti Kaushik, at the Dehradun Institute of Technology during an awareness campaign program conducted by ‘Citizens for Green Doon’. In 2013, together with Shruti, he laid the foundation of ‘ Saheli Trust ‘. Through which, so far, about five thousand women have been helped for education and employment. Shruti, 30, says she has done electrical engineering. But, she always wanted to do something for the people. During his studies, also he worked with many social organisations.

Therefore, as soon as she got support from Dr Nitin Pandey, she started her organisation developing women. Today, under the guidance of Dr Nitin and Shruti, several programs for women are being run by this trust. Shruti says, “We initially taught women in rural areas the work of handicrafts and started bringing their products to the market. Gradually, we also have women who have been subjected to domestic violence and physical harassment. Along with giving shelter to these women, we also provide legal help. ”

In addition, these women are linked to education and employment. There are currently 16 girls living in the shelter home run by Saheli Trust. This number keeps on fluctuating. All of them are given free shelter, food, education etc. and their other needs are also taken care of. Apart from this, the Trust is also campaigning for the education of girls in rural areas. His team goes from village to village teaching girls. If a family cannot find resources for their daughter’s education, then their daughters are provided with help in books, computer courses and other things.

Khatija, 24, who has been studying with the help of Saheli Trust for the last three years, says, “I am currently pursuing a masters degree, and at the same time, I am also busy preparing for government jobs. My parents work in the fields. With the help of Saheli Trust, I have done computer and English speaking class, and they also provide me with books for my preparation. ” Along with studies, they also connect women with employment. For which women are taught different skills. Apart from handicrafts, he has also trained many women to drive.

Today, Radha, 38, working as a private driver, says, “I joined the Saheli Trust in 2014. I was a victim of domestic violence. In such a situation, I had to teach my daughter. I asked for help from Saheli Trust. He saved me and helped me legally, and then I stayed with him for many years. I learned marketing there and worked for the sale of their handicraft products. After two three years, they also helped me learn to drive. ”

She states that the Saheli Trust immensely helped her daughter’s education. There was a time when Radha was utterly dependent on Saheli Trust. But, today, she is strong and wants to make her daughter well educated and stand on her feet.

Dr Nitin and his team are trying to help people in every possible way, even in the difficult times of the corona epidemic. Dr Nitin says that this is a difficult time, so it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of ourselves and others. Many people need our help from you, so try to help people while taking care of yourself.

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