High court rules COVID situation in Kerala is serious: Interim order on fees in private hospitals

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The High Court has heard a petition against private hospitals in the state charging enormous sums for COVID treatment. The court issued an interim order to inform what can be done regarding fees in private hospitals as soon as possible. The petition said that private hospitals were taking advantage of the COVID situation to make huge profits.

The court asked what the state government could do in this regard. The government informed the court that on March 7, the government had held discussions with private hospitals in this regard and reached an agreement. At that time, private hospitals were instructed to charge only Rs 2300 per general ward.

The court ordered an interim inquiry into the matter. The court said the petition would be reconsidered on the fourth of next month. Private hospitals are not currently a party to the case. The court will also hear the case of private hospitals next time.

While considering the petition, the court observed that the COVID situation in the state was dire. The rise of COVID patients in this way is mind-boggling. The court said there was a general opinion that the fees of private hospitals should be reduced in this case. COVID is easy to survive. But the court also cited the words of a COVID patient who said he could not stay the subsequent bill.