Let the result come! UDF will win big, sweep LDF: Ramesh Chennithala

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Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala rejects post-exit polls Chennithala said that the UDF would win a landslide victory in Sunday’s elections and that the exit polls were unrelated the truth. Ramesh Chennithala opined that the Chief Minister was showing the hypocritical confidence of the loser and that it was the light of the lamp that was going out.

Words by Ramesh Chennithala-

The UDF will win a landslide victory in this election. Corruption will end, and the LDF will be swept away. The people of Kerala do not want the return of the Pinarayi Vijayan-led government, which has been corrupt and looted for the last five years. Sunday’s vote count will be a reflection of that. Surveys and exit polls have not been able to reflect the true sentiments of the people of Kerala. According to an exit poll yesterday, the UDF has no seats. The result is a survey that is not related to the truth. The people of Kerala have faith. It is the faith of the people.

When I heard what the Chief Minister said yesterday, I felt the hypocritical confidence of the loser. His statement that the vote in the machine is for them is to deceive people. The glow of the lamp that is about to go out. I am sure the UDF will come to power. ‘

According to Web News Observer’s post-poll survey, the LDF will come to power with 72 to 79 seats in the state.

According to the survey, the UDF will get 60 to 66 seats and the NDA a maximum of three seats. Independents will win a maximum of one seat, the survey said.

The LDF will get 42% of the vote, the UDF 39% and the BJP 18%. In North Kerala, the LDF and UDF will get 20 to 24 seats. In Central Kerala, the LDF will get 24 to 27 seats and the UDF 20 to 22 seats. In South Kerala, the LDF will get 25 to 30 seats and the UDF 19 to 22 seats.

The majority opinion in the survey is that Pinarayi Vijayan should be the next Chief Minister. 36% said Pinarayi Vijayan himself should lead the state for the next five years. 23% said that Oommen Chandy should be the Chief Minister, and 10% said that Ramesh Chennithala should be the Chief Minister. Those in North and Central Kerala also opined that Pinarayi should be the Chief Minister.