Oxygen cylinders and test kit; India gets help from US

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As the spread of COVID in the country continued to escalate, India received emergency aid from the United States. The United States has sent various medical supplies to India, including 400 oxygen cylinders and one lakh rapid test kits. A US military plane arrived at the New Delhi International Airport this morning.

The US Embassy tweeted that the 70-year-old India-US cooperation continues in the Covid crisis and that COVID will be faced together.

The US State Department spokesman thanked the United States for its assistance. Two more flights are being flown to India from the United States. They are expected to reach India by May 3.

A total of 1100 oxygen cylinders and 1700 oxygen concentrates will be sent, and the US special team will cooperate with India for the operation of the additional oxygen generation unit. In addition, raw materials for the Covishield vaccine will be shipped to India. The raw materials for making 2 million doses of cochlear shield vaccine come from the United States.

The US aid to India comes after a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday. After the phone conversation, Biden tweeted that India was with us during the US Covid crisis and that the US would be with us today during India’s crisis.