Third wave of corona pandemic may come in India, night curfew not effective- Guleria


The whole country is facing a second wave of coronavirus epidemic. There has been a shortage of beds, oxygen and life-saving medicines in hospitals due to rapidly increasing cases every day. Due to lack of oxygen, people are dying.

Meanwhile, Dr Randeep Guleria, director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, has warned that if the virus continues to be mutants, the third wave of a pandemic could occur India.

“… then the third wave of the epidemic can come in India”- Guleria

Guleria told Web News Observer that the third wave of a pandemic could occur in India if the coronavirus continued to develop through mutations and developed immunity mechanisms.

He said that the basic infrastructure of hospitals would have to be strengthened first to avoid the current situation and future danger of the epidemic. After this, the speed of vaccination and reduction in cases will have to be increased rapidly.

Adequate long-term strict lockdown needed to prevent epidemic – Guleria


Guleria said that a strict lockdown of sufficient duration has become necessary to avoid serious threats. Only then can the chain of infection be broken.

He said that if we can reduce the contacts of people, then there can be a decrease in cases. In the present lockdown, the livelihood of people and daily wage earners are being relieved. This did not break the link between people.

Night curfew and weekend lockdown has no justification – Guleria

Guleria said that the infrastructure of hospitals could not be strengthened without reducing the pace of infection.

He said steps like night curfew and weekend lockdown are currently being taken in many states, but there is no justification for stopping the epidemic.

He said that a strict lockdown was needed for sufficient time to stop the epidemic, and steps would have to be taken.

Two-week strict lockdown required to prevent epidemic – Guleria

Guleria said that the government is currently focusing on strengthening the infrastructure of hospitals, but it is necessary to break the chain of infection before that. To break this situation, a strict lockdown of at least two weeks is required in the country.

He further said that after two weeks, when the cases fall, the government can also unlock it soon, given the people’s interests. This will bring great relief.

Guleria advised avoiding a CT scan on Monday.

Guleria said on Monday that people are repeatedly undergoing CT scans to detect infection in the second wave. This is serious. This increases the risk of cancer in the future. In such a situation, a CT scan should be done on the advice of the doctor.

This is the condition of corona infection in India

In the last 24 hours in India, 3,57,229 new cases of infection with the coronavirus were reported, and 3,449 patients died. New cases have decreased in the country for the third consecutive day.

With this, the total number of infected people in the country has crossed two crores to 2,02,82,833. Of these, 2,22,408 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus. The number of active cases has increased to 34,47,133.