26 cases of bleeding or clotting found after vaccination in India – report

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There are still many doubts in the minds of people about the vaccination campaign being run in India. There is a possibility of bleeding or clotting after vaccinations.  Meanwhile, the report of the panel to investigate the corona vaccines has come out. 

According to this, there have been only 26 cases of bleeding or clotting after vaccination in the country, which is very low according to the number of people who get vaccinated.

The government panel submitted a report to the Ministry of Health.

The government set up a panel to study the ill effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. This panel has submitted its report to the Union Ministry of Health based on the study so far. Since the inception of vaccination in India, the panel has said that more than 23,000 side-effects cases have been reported in 753 districts. Of these, only 700 are more serious.

Only 26 cases of bleeding or clotting

According to NDTV, the panel’s report says that it has studied 498 out of 700 serious side effects. Of these, only 26 cases of bleeding or clotting have been reported. The number of such cases is 0.61 per cent for every 1 million doses of the vaccine, which is very low.

The panel stated that all cases are related to Covishield developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca. No such case has been reported in covaxin.

People of South and South-East Asian descent are less likely to clot.

The panel said in the report that blood clotting incidents continue to occur in the general population. Still, scientific research has revealed that people of South and South-East Asian origin are more likely to have such incidents than people of European descent. Chances are as low as 70 per cent.

In such a situation, the panel said there is minimal risk in both the vaccines, but there is still a possibility of its effect internally.

The panel has studied the cases up to 7 April.

According to the report of the panel, 7.54 crore people were vaccinated till 7 April. Of these, 6,86,50,819 doses of Covishield and 67,84,562 doses of Covaxin were used.

After introducing the vaccination campaign in the country, from 753 districts, only 684 serious adverse effects were reported after vaccination.

Accordingly, the number of side effects is very less, and people should come forward and get vaccinated. This will help them in preventing the epidemic.

This is the status of the vaccination campaign in the country

18,29,26,460 doses of vaccine have been applied so far. Last day 6,91,211 doses were applied. The slow pace of vaccination remains a matter of great concern.

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