WhatsApp like Features will be available in Google Messages, you will be able to pin conversations

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Google’s messaging application Google Messaging is currently working on features like WhatsApp. Soon, users will be given the option to pin conversions and mark their favourite messages as a star.

With the new features, it will be easy for users to access the messages and chats they need.
The necessary conversions can be pinned to the top, while the star-marked messages will be easily visible to the users.

Features revealed by app teardown.

Information about the new features has been revealed from the teardown of Google Messages 8.1.05.

It is learned that Google’s chat app will allow users to pin conversations from one to three. Apart from this, the second feature will get the necessary messages to star, with which the necessary messages will not be missed. Users will be shown this option when they go to the search bar, and the marked badges will get a star badge.

When can new features be available?

XDA developers have explained these features, but they have not started to rollout. Since the features are found in the APK version, they can be rolled out soon, or the search engine company can make some changes to them. The Google Messages app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. This app offers options like smart reply, built-in spam protection and interactive group chats.

Messages app is end-to-end encrypted

Google brought end-to-end encryption in November last year for its messaging service. The information shared between two users is completely safe and cannot be accessed by a third party.

For the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to work, both users (sender and receiver) must have the latest beta version of the messaging app installed. Apart from this, chat over data or Wi-Fi feature should also be enabled.

New features in Google contacts and Photos app

At the beginning of the year, Google has given the option to Android users to go to the contacts app and change their profile photo.

Instead of the lengthy process of opening an account page, users can change their profile photo with contacts or the Google Photos app.

The company has also brought a tool in the Google Photos app in the past, with the help of which blur and bad photos can be easily filtered and deleted.