Kerala: 40+ people to be given at least one dose by July 15

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The Kerala government has set a target of giving at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine to all people above 40 years of age in the state by July 15.

Apart from this, genome sequencing of samples of children and people infected after getting the vaccine will also be done. The state government has taken this decision given the possible third wave of Corona.

Significantly, Kerala remains the third most affected state in the country due to the epidemic.

The decision was taken in Chief Minister Vijayan’s meeting

In the meeting chaired by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, a plan to fight against the third wave of Corona has been prepared. Earlier, the government had made some special provisions to strengthen the health system to counter the third wave.

The government has allocated Rs 1,000 crore for a free vaccination to all people and Rs 500 crore for equipment and facilities required for vaccination.

50 lakh people above the age of 45 did not get the vaccine: Vijayan

Vijayan said that about 50 lakh people above 45 years of age in Kerala had not received even the first dose of the vaccine. Kerala is expected to receive 38 lakh doses in June. He said that one crore doses had been administered so far, but only 21.37 lakh people have received both doses. The goal is to have one dose for everyone over the age of 40 by July 15.

Genome sequencing report to be reviewed every week

Vijayan said all departments should work with the people on a war footing to combat the third wave. For this, genome sequencing of samples of children and people infected even after getting two more vaccines should be done, and their results should be reviewed every week. Many experts have predicted that the third wave of the epidemic in the country cannot be avoided.

What is the infection and vaccination status in Kerala?

On Saturday, 17,328 cases of corona were reported in Kerala, and 209 deaths occurred. With this, the total number of infected here has gone up to 26,18,410, out of which 9,719 people have lost their lives. Talking about vaccination, so far, 1,02,03,409 doses have been administered in the state. Here 80,46,801 people have been given the first, and 21,56,608 people have been given both doses. Kerala has been successful in vaccinating more people with fewer doses.

In India, the situation is improving for a few days, and corona cases show a declineTalking about the last day, 1,14,460 new corona cases were reported in the country, and 3,677 patients died.

With this, the total number of infected people in the country has gone up to 2,88,09,339. Out of these, 3,46,759 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus. The number of active cases has come down to 14,77,799.