Origin of Covid: Can’t force China to give more info – WHO

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A senior official of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the organization cannot compel China to give more information related to the origin of the corona.

He said that he would propose such studies, which could increase the understanding of where this virus originated.

Significantly, in recent days, many such reports have come to the fore, which have strengthened the possibility that the coronavirus was leaked from the Wuhan lab.

“We don’t have powers to force”

When asked how the organization would compel China for more information, Mike Ryan, the organization’s director of emergency programs, said that the WHO does not have the powers to force anyone in this regard.“We look forward to cooperation, information and assistance from all our member states in this direction,” Ryan said. Since the beginning of the epidemic, China has been accused of hiding information.

After the statement of US President Joe Biden and many reports, the debate has now intensified again whether the coronavirus was leaked from Wuhan Lab in China? Joe Biden has asked for a report in this regard after completing the investigation in 90 days.

On the other hand, China has been denying the allegations of leaking corona from the Wuhan lab. He says that the US is making such a claim intentionally and to divert attention.

Earlier this year a team from the World Health Organization went to China to investigate the origins of the coronavirus.

Some members of this team claimed that they were not given all the data related to this epidemic. After this, many questions were raised about the transparency of China. 

This team later said in its report that it is very unlikely that the coronavirus has leaked from the lab.

Scientists have demanded an investigation

Last month, 18 scientists, including clinical microbiologist Ravindra Gupta of Cambridge University, wrote a letter saying that more investigation is still needed to find out the origin of the coronavirus.

Professor David Railman of Stanford University, one of these 18 scientists, says that the theory of virus leaking from the lab and coming from animals to humans is practical and should be investigated in detail.

US report said that the virus leaked from the lab