Last month Facebook removed more than five thousand accounts, groups and pages – report

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Facebook has taken action against more than five thousand massage accounts, groups and pages in June. Facebook has removed 5,381 accounts, groups and pages that could have been dangerous.

According to the report, Facebook has removed eight networks of such accounts from seven different countries. Most of these campaigns targeted users living in the same countries from where they were being run.

Instagram accounts included

The IANS report states that in June, the company included 2,784 Facebook accounts, 206 Instagram accounts and 2,249 pages. Apart from this, 142 public and private groups have also been removed by Facebook during this period. The company suspended 675 Facebook accounts, 16 Pages and 10 Instagram accounts in Iraq and Iran, targeting Iraq. The accounts were associated with Al-Mareef Radio in Iraq and Albroz Analysis and Development in Tehran.

In Mexico, Facebook took action against 1,621 Facebook accounts, 1,795 Pages, 75 Groups and 93 Instagram accounts. These accounts were linked to users who were working for Mexico-based political strategy and public relations firm WargCorp.Commenting on this, Facebook said, “We found this activity as part of our internal investigation into suspected coordinated inauthentic behaviour in the region.”

Facebook has also given reasons for the action taken against the accounts, groups and pages. The social media company said, “We found that there were many local, non-government campaigns running, and many people were part of these campaigns, which was trying to confuse the rest.”Most of the blocked people were taking the help of fake accounts to do this, and groups with many members were also involved in this.

The rapidly growing online space is also used to spread lies on a large scale during elections or political activities. By doing so, political groups try to garner maximum support in their favour. This is why big social media companies like Facebook are using special AI tools on their platforms to detect such accounts, groups and pages.

The situation will be clear regarding the posts.

At the same time, Facebook wants to make its users understand the difference between fakes and facts. Facebook is trying not to create confusion among users about the posts being shared on the platform. To do this, the company is testing a feature to show small labels alongside posts that appear in News Feed. Posts made by Pages will be shown with labels such as ‘Public Official’, ‘Fan Page’ or ‘Satire Page’.