Pakistan: Explosion in bus carrying Chinese engineers and soldiers, 13 killed

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Eight killed in a blast in a bus carrying Chinese engineers and army in Pakistan.

An IED blew up a bus carrying Chinese engineers and soldiers on Wednesday following an attack on the army in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Tuesday. It killed 13 people, including four Chinese engineers and five workers. Similarly, many others were injured.

On information, police and army personnel took the dead bodies and injured to Dasu’s health centre. Police are now investigating the cause of the blast.

The bus was carrying the engineers and soldiers working on the dam.

According to TOI, Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Arif said that the bus was carrying Chinese engineers and army personnel working on Dasu Dam in the morning. At the same time, suddenly, the IED exploded on the bus.

About 30 people were on the bus. Of these, 13 people, including four Chinese engineers, five workers and two army personnel, died. Similarly, many others were injured. The injured have been admitted to the hospital.

The bus fell into the ditch after the blast – Arif.

Chinese civilian injured in blast in Pakistan.

Arif said that the bus fell into a deep gorge after the blast. Others were seriously injured as a result. With the cooperation of the villagers, all have been taken to the hospital.

He said that the condition of all the injured is serious. In such a situation, the death toll may increase. Similarly, it is not yet clear whether the IED was on the bus or planted on the roadside. It is being verified.

A Chinese engineer and soldier is missing

Another official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a Chinese engineer and a soldier were missing after the blast. They are being searched through air ambulances. Similarly, people trapped in the bus in the ditch have been evacuated to the hospital through air ambulance.

The possibility of a terrorist organization being behind the attack cannot be ruled out, he said. The matter is being thoroughly investigated.

TTP attacked Pakistani soldiers on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the terrorist organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attacked an army contingent operating against them in the Khurram area by the Pakistani Army. Captain Abdul Basit Khan and 11 other soldiers were killed, and 15 other soldiers were injured. Not only this, but the terrorists also took six telecom operators hostage.