640 Afghan citizens managed to flee Kabul in one US Air Force plane

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On Monday, more than 600 of the thousands of Afghans who gathered at Kabul airport on their way out of Afghanistan were lucky and managed to get out in a US Air Force plane. A photograph of the incident has also emerged in which 640 Afghans can be seen sitting and standing in the C-17 Globemaster aircraft of the US Air Force. He was landed in Qatar. It is one of the largest Globemaster flights in terms of passengers.

According to the news website ‘Defense One‘, women and children were also among the passengers on board, and none of them had any special luggage. A US defence official told the website that they had not previously planned to fly with that many people, but several Afghans allowed to be evacuated boarded the plane, after which the crew decided to take off rather than land them.

A crew member was earlier heard in viral audio saying that they were flying with over 800 passengers. However, on condition of anonymity, a defence official clarified that there were 640 passengers on board. He said that some other such flights have also managed to take off from Kabul airport, and there can be more than 640 people in them.

In 2013, the C-17 Globemaster evacuated 670 people amidst a typhoon that hit the Philippines and is considered the largest Globemaster flight in terms of passengers.

Thousands of people had gathered at Kabul to leave Afghanistan

Let us tell you that after the occupation of the Taliban, thousands of people want to leave Afghanistan. Thousands of people had reached Kabul airport on Monday morning and American soldiers had to fire several times in the air to keep them away. In videos emerging from the airport, people can be seen running after American ships. Some people even tried to get on the wheels of the plane and died after falling.

After the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York 20 years ago, the US, who came to Afghanistan in search of al-Qaeda, is raising serious questions about leaving its ally in a state of civil war. The US has announced the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan by August 31 and has not changed its decision despite the increasing steps of the Taliban. President Joe Biden is being sharply criticized for this.