Afghanistan air space shuts down, Kabul-bound Air India flight cancelled

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Afghanistan’s air space has been shut down following Taliban occupation. This means that no aircraft will be able to fly over Afghanistan now.

Officials said the operation of the aircraft from Kabul airport has also been stopped due to the closure of air space.

Sources said an Air India flight carrying an Indian stranded in Kabul will no longer be able to leave.

These aircraft coming to India changed course

Air India flights from the US to India have also had to change course. In a tweet, FlightRadar said that an Air India flight from Chicago to Delhi has changed course soon after entering Afghanistan. Similarly, the flight from Baku to Delhi has also changed its course.

Officials said Air India is working on new routes for flights from Delhi to the US.

A statement from Kabul airport also issued

Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority has asked all transport aircraft to change course. The authority says there will be no control over the flight from Kabul’s airspace. Kabul air space is used for the whole of Afghanistan.

The Kabul airport has also said that no civilian aircraft will take off from Hamid Karzai airport. So, don’t come to the airport.

Only a few military aircraft are visible here.

Thousands throng airport, five killed

Thousands of people want to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban’s occupation. A crowd of thousands reached Kabul airport this morning and US troops had to fire in the air several times to keep them away. According to media reports, five people have been killed in an attempt to force their way into the aircraft.