Vyaghrasana: Know how to practice this yoga asana, its benefits and other important things

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Vyaghrasana is a yoga asana that looks like a tiger while practising and is considered to be better for physical as well as mental health.

According to yoga gurus, this yoga asana is one of the most effective asanas and it can be beneficial for you to practice it daily.

How to do The Tiger Pose

First, come in the pose of Marjari Asana on a yoga mat.

Now turn your right leg back towards the head and take a long breath.

Then exhale and bring down your right leg and bend the head forward and apply the nose to the knee.

Repeat this process at least five times with both legs and then leave the asana after a few minutes.

Be sure to take these precautions during practice

If you have problems related to the neck, hands, and feet, or head, you should avoid practising this asana.

People suffering from spondylitis, slip disc, or sciatica should also not practise this asana.

People suffering from serious heart disease and hypertension etc. should also keep a distance from the practice of this asana.

Pregnant women should practise this asana only after medical advice.

Benefits of practising Tiger’s Asana daily

This asana strengthens the muscles of the back, legs, and hands.

This asana also solves the problem of sciatica.

The practise of this asana increases balance strength and helps in improving the posture of the body.

This asana increases blood circulation in the body.

This asana can also be practised to remove respiratory disorders.

This asana also has a positive effect on the digestive system.

Important Practice Tips

If you have difficulty doing this asana upwards while practising this asana, do not force your feet beyond physical capacity.

You’d better raise your legs as much as you can easily.

Do not create too much stress in the body while doing this asana and practice it with a calm mind.

When you stop practising asanas, do not be hasty and leave your asanas slowly.