Premier League: Interesting facts related to tournaments that you may not know about

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The Premier League season has begun in 2021-22 and Brentford, who was promoted to the first match of the season, has started with a bang beating Arsenal. The Premier League is Europe’s most famous domestic football league and many players have set many records in it for decades.

However, there are some facts associated with this league that few people know about.

When Derby got only one win throughout the season

Derby County had only one win throughout the season in the 2007-08 season. He ended the season with 29 defeats and eight draws on 11 points.

This is the worst performance by a team in Premier League history in terms of a season win. Derby has also scored the most 89 goals in a season. He scored these goals in 38 matches.

Manchester City and Liverpool have these fantastic records to their names

Manchester City and Liverpool have won the most 32 matches in a season. City achieved this feat in 2017-18 while Liverpool achieved it in 2018-19. Liverpool also repeated it in 2019-20.

In 2017-18, City had set the record for most consecutive wins by winning 18 matches. Liverpool leveled the figure in 2019-20. Liverpool has won the most 24 matches in a row at home.

City and Chelsea have these records named after them

City is the only team to score 100 points in a season. He did it in the 2017-18 season. City also has the record for most goals scored in a season. He scored 106 goals in the same season.

Chelsea has the record for the lowest 15 goals scored in a season. However, he holds the record for most 68 goals scored in home matches in a season.

Gigs has this unique record

Premier League legend Ryan Gibbs holds the record for most frequent subscriptions. He has been substituted 134 times in the Premier League. Gibbs is the only Premier League player to have played all 22 seasons of his career.

Gibbs holds the record of winning the Premier League title 13 times. He has also held the record for the highest number of assists in the league at 162.