34 jawans in Pathankot hit by scorching heat during training, one killed

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The Indian Army is known for its strong courage and determination. Army personnel is trained in such a way that they can protect the country by making steel, but on Saturday, the jawans were defeated by the scorching heat at Mamoon military station near Pathankot.

One jawan was killed and 34 others fell ill during the intense heat training. He has been admitted to the hospital.

The nine-core reiki troop was trained on Saturday

According to the Indian Express, nine-core reiki troupes were being trained in stamina at Mamoon military station on Saturday morning amid extreme heat and humid weather.

Meanwhile, 34 jawans lost their health in the middle of the training due to intense heatwave conditions. Some of them also fainted. All of them were later admitted to a hospital where one jawan died during treatment. The condition of three others is still critical.

72 hours of endurance training was going on

A senior Army official said the stamina training had been going on for 72 hours. The weather was very hot on Saturday when the jawans ran 10 kilometers with heavyweights and weapons.

Meanwhile, water scarcity and heat started worsening the health of the jawans. Soon, the condition of 34 jawans deteriorated. All the jawans were then admitted to a hospital where one jawan succumbed to his injuries.

Necessary facilities are being provided to all jawans

An Army official said that stamina training is an important part of the entire training. However, due to excessive heat and humidity, the jawans could not bear it. The jawan died due to excessive heat.

He said the condition of three jawans is not improving at present. Doctors are keeping an eye on his health. All necessary facilities are also being provided to other sick jawans.