India reports 25,000 new cases of the Coronavirus; a third wave is predicted by October

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India recorded a little more than 25,000 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, the lowest single-day rise in 160 days.

The active infection rate remained at 1.03 per cent of total cases, the lowest since March 2020.

Since the brutal second wave crested in May, infection rates in India have been declining.

Experts have warned, however, that the third wave of illnesses might hit India by October.

According to the Union Health Ministry, India recorded a total of 3,24,49,306 COVID-19 cases as of Monday morning. The death toll now stands at 4,34,756.

So far, 3,16,80,626 people have recovered, while 3,33,924 are still infected.

India registered 25,072 new infections, 44,157 new discharges, and 389 new fatalities in the last 24 hours.

So far, 58,25,49,595 vaccination doses have been delivered.

The second wave in India peaked on May 7

To recap, India’s second wave peaked on May 7 with 4.14 lakh single-day cases reported more than four times the number of cases reported during the first wave in mid-September.

Despite the fact that infections have decreased since the second wave peaked, India passed the three-crore threshold on June 23.

On December 19, 2020, India passed the one-crore mark, and on May 4, it passed the two-crore mark.

Kerala accounts for about 41% of all new cases

Maharashtra reported 4,141 new COVID-19 cases and 4,780 additional recoveries.

Kerala, the state with the second-highest number of new cases after Maharashtra, reported 10,402 new cases and 25,586 discharges.

Meanwhile, Karnataka, the third worst-affected state, had 1,189 new cases and 1,456 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu, the fourth most severely affected state, reported 1,630 new cases and 1,827 recoveries.

Andhra Pradesh reported a total of 1,085 new cases and 1,541 recoveries.

Infections are down by 12% on a weekly basis

In particular, in the week that concluded on Sunday, India saw a significant drop in new infections compared to the previous week.

The country reported 2.2 lakh infections between August 16 and 22, compared to 2.5 lakh cases the previous week.

The recent increase in Himachal Pradesh and the Northeastern states has also begun to subside.

In Kerala, the daily test positivity rate remains alarmingly high at 16%.

A third wave is expected by October, with insufficient paediatric facilities

Separately, an expert government group has warned that if more virulent variations develop, the third wave of COVID-19 might reach a peak of five lakh daily infections by September end.

Even with strict intervention, India could see a peak of less than two lakh daily cases by the end of October.

The committee’s report also cautioned against insufficient paediatric facilities, citing concerns that the third wave will disproportionately affect youngsters.