What will Amy’s game be this time in the ‘Gone Girl’ sequel?

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Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher, wowed audiences with its surprising plot. The film deftly depicted Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne’s complicated marriage (Rosamund Pike).

Amy, a sociopath, is shown planning her death to punish Nick’s infidelity on her, and at the end, she announces a surprise pregnancy.

However, the fissures in their marriage persisted, laying the way for a sequel.

  • Will Amy and Nick be able to have a happy marriage?

The sequel might take us a few years ahead in Amy and Nick’s happy married lives.

Amy’s psychopathic character ensures that Nick will never be able to leave her life.

He’s stuck with her until he can equal Amy’s cunning and savviness.

And if he succeeds, Amy better watch out for herself!

  • Amy is so completely Amy with her phoney pregnancy and fake miscarriage

As previously stated, Amy announces her pregnancy at the end of Gone Girl.

But remember how she pretended to die? As a result, she’s perfectly capable of doing the same with her pregnancy.

The sequel will be able to remove the mask from her face and reveal whether or not she is telling the truth.

In such an event, she’ll make no effort to pretend that she, too, miscarried.

  • If she is truly pregnant, will her child be the next victim?

If she is truly pregnant, the sequel may take place when Amy and Nick’s child is born.

We predict that the child (if one is born) would be a female because it would be an easy way for the creators to show Amy in control of the mayhem she generates.

That child will become yet another victim of her deception.

  • Is a sequel to ‘Gone Girl’ in the works?

Regarding a hypothetical sequel, Pike stated that she will only be on board if the original’s screenwriter, Gillian Flynn, returns.

And Flynn has stated that the sequel will be “a few years down the line,” with the cast and crew reuniting.

If Gone Girl 2 is made, Affleck and Pike will surely return, along with a slew of new cast members.