Plane hijacked to pick up Ukrainian nationals from Afghanistan, taken to Iran

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The Ukrainian government has claimed that a plane that had gone to Afghanistan to bring back its citizens safely was hijacked and stolen by some gunmen and taken to Iran. Ukrainian nationals were not on board the plane was taken to Iran.

It is yet to be ascertained who stole the aircraft. The Government has not yet said anything about getting the aircraft back.

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister says plane hijacked on Sunday

“Last Sunday, our plane was hijacked by some people,” Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister Yevgeni Yenin said. The plane was taken to Iran on Tuesday after stealing from us and was carrying some unidentified passengers instead of Ukrainian nationals. Our next three attempts to evacuate the citizens also did not succeed because our people could not reach the airport.”

He said there were guns on people hijacking.

Yenin doesn’t say what further steps Ukraine government will take

Yenin did not say in his statement what happened to the plane at the end and whether the Ukrainian government would try to bring it back. He also did not say how Ukrainian nationals with the stolen aircraft were safely evacuated from Kabul.

He only said that the diplomatic service led by External Affairs Minister Dmitry Kuleba continued to function in an emergency throughout the week.

Chaos still persists at Kabul airport

Since the Taliban’s occupation, there has been chaos at Kabul airport and hundreds of people have gathered outside the airport to get out of the country.

Taliban militants are trying to maintain order outside the gate while foreign troops are in front with Afghan guards inside the airport.

Several people have died at Kabul airport since the Taliban captured Kabul.

All countries are engaged in evacuating their citizens safely

Amid the chaos at Kabul airport, all countries are busy evacuating their citizens from Afghanistan and the Taliban have given them time till August 31. The Taliban say the deadline will not be extended and could have serious consequences if foreign countries continue to remain in Afghanistan even after that.

The G-7 countries have convened an important meeting in this regard and asked the US to extend the deadline.

Biden has described it as the hardest operation to evacuate people from Kabul

US President Joe Biden, who is still trying to evacuate his people from Afghanistan, described the evacuation of people from Kabul as the most difficult campaign in history and said he did not know what the end was going to be.

However, he promised to evacuate all Americans safely. He had said that 6,000 US troops have secured Kabul airport, enabling military and civilian aircraft to take off.