Sony PlayStation 5 India August 26 Pre-Order: How to Purchase the PS5 Digital Version

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The PS5’s August replenishment has arrived. Both editions of Sony’s next-generation system — the Rs. 49,990 Blu-ray-equipped PS5 and its Rs. 39,990 disc-less cousin, the PS5 Digital Edition — will be available for pre-order in India today at 12 pm midday. Amazon, Croma, Flipkart, Games The Shop, Prepaid Gamer Card, Reliance Digital, Sony Center, and Vijay Sales will all be included; all online merchants will refill both the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. Unfortunately, the most serious concern is the limited PS5 stock that Sony India is able to handle for India month after month. The PlayStation 5 restock on August 26 will be only the seventh time — the fourth for the PS5 Digital Edition — that the flagship console will be available for pre-order, demonstrating Sony’s inability to adequately serve its customers.

Only if that were the only issue with purchasing a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition in India. Several internet merchants have repeatedly demonstrated their inability to handle the traffic. Croma, Games The Shop, and Prepaid Gamer Card are frequent offenders—even Amazon experienced issues once or twice—and Croma, Flipkart, and Reliance Digital are all known for cancelling PlayStation 5 pre-orders thereafter owing to technical difficulties. At the very least, delivery limits have been relaxed. Despite this, Sony Center’s website ShopAtSC continues with the boilerplate: “We intend to deliver your allocated stocks around 10th September 2021 and onwards — however, please expect a delay in our delivery services which might get impacted due to regulations imposed by lockdown/ curfew in your locations.”

While Amazon, Croma, Flipkart, Games The Shop, Prepaid Gamer Card, Reliance Digital, and Vijay Sales haven’t provided us with shipment dates, we can expect them to be in line with Sony Center’s estimations. If you’re lucky, you might even get there earlier. Several customers claimed on groups and forums that their PlayStation 5 pre-orders were shipped far earlier than the announced shipping date for the June and July restocks.

How to Pre-Order the PlayStation 5 on ShopAtSC

Sony India’s retail outlets The Sony Center has its own webpage where you can purchase the PlayStation 5. ShopAtSC offers free home delivery from the nearest Sony Center, but beginning July 21, you can also select to pick up at the nearest shop. That is if they are open where you reside.

To purchase the PS5 from ShopAtSC, you must first create an account. Make one ahead of time to expedite checkout. According to ShopAtSC, if you have already purchased a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, you will be unable to purchase another from the same account. If you want to set up a notification system, there is a ‘notify me’ button on the site.

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How to Pre-Order PlayStation 5 on Amazon India

The PS5 replenishment is also available through Amazon’s India affiliate, which will provide free home delivery throughout India. To receive free shipping, you do not need to be an Amazon Prime member.

To purchase the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition from Amazon, you must first create an account. Make one ahead of time to expedite checkout.

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