‘Tughlaq Durbar’ starring Sethupathi to hit Netflix on September 11

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Tughlaq Durbar’s trailer debuted today, after the release of Annabelle Sethupathi’s trailer yesterday.
Vijay Sethupathi plays a character named Singara Velan, who is kidnapped as a youngster, most likely by traffickers or a criminal group.

The 2.04-minute trailer has a combination of action, comedy, and romance.

A baby is stolen in the middle of the night

The video begins with a view of a metropolis, most likely Chennai.

The scary soundtrack in the background captures your attention. Then we see a yellow fabric hanging with a shadow of a man raising a baby thrown over it.

The video then cuts to Vijay standing on a wall, looking out over the city. His right hand is resting on a broom.

Vijay is known as the “son of Tamil soil”

The teaser gradually reveals who raised the child, a political leader, as we hear him say that he has named the “son of Tamil soil as Singara Velan.”

Finally, Vijay appears at another rally, where he declares that the crow and the owl are enemies, prompting another guy to cynically ask, “Is that all?”

‘At that point, the comedy begins.’

Raashi Khanna has recorded her lines in her own voice

The film’s premise is revealed after a sequence of winks by the lead actor that left everyone around him perplexed.

Raashi Khanna appears as Kamatchi, who appears to have dubbed her lines herself for her first Tamil project, albeit under the cautious supervision of a mentor.

Delhi Prasad Deenadayal, a debutante, directed the political drama film.

Only actor with four OTT releases in a single month

Notably, Tughlaq Durbar will be shown on Sun TV the day before it is released on Netflix. Boomika has done precisely that.

Aside from that, Vijay has three more projects scheduled for various OTT platforms this month, making him the first actor to do so!

While Tughlaq Durbar and Laabam are Netflix offerings, Annabelle Sethupathi will be available on Disney+ Hotstar, while Kadai Sivavasayi will be available on SonyLIV.