Malayalam flick ‘Minnal Murali’ to be released on Netflix

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Minnal Murali, a Malayalam-language superhero film directed by Basil Joseph, will premiere on the streaming site Netflix.

The film, produced by Sophia Paul under the brand Weekend Blockbusters, has Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas in the lead, according to Netflix.

Minnal Murali will be released in Malayalam, as well as in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and English dubbing.

The plot is around an average man who transforms into a superhero

Murali, an average man-turned-superhero, gets struck by a bolt of lightning, which bestows him with unique abilities. “Attempt with the film is to present a superhero that people could relate to and connect with on an emotional level.” Joseph stated.

It’s been a dream project for everyone in the team: Filmmaker

“Though the essence of a superhero movie is the action,” the filmmaker explained, “our genuine efforts were focused on having a strong narrative that could stand on its own while supporting the action.”

“The film is going to be a really exciting one. It has been a dream project for the entire team and I’m glad that it’s releasing on Netflix, ” he said.

I gave my everything to the character of Minnal Murali: Thomas

Thomas, who previously collaborated with Joseph in his 2017 sports comedy Godha, stated that he has given his all to the role of Minnal Murali.

“I spent all of my time communicating with my director to ensure the best possible outcome,” he said, “and enormous amounts of work went into creating the character Minnal Murali.”

Making ‘Minnal Murali’ was a difficult yet rewarding experience: Paul

“I’ve learned a lot and I’m grateful that during these strange times, people can still appreciate cinema from the comfort of their homes through Netflix. I hope everyone who watches the film loves Minnal Murali just as much as I do” Thomas said.

Making Minnal Murali, according to Paul of Weekend Blockbusters, was a difficult yet rewarding process.

A release date has yet to be announced by Netflix

“I am proud of this journey. We brought together the best team of actors, technicians, and platforms for the rise of this ‘local’ superhero- Minnal Murali” she continued.

Minnal Murali was supposed to hit theatres in 2020, but it was delayed several times owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The movie’s release date has yet to be announced by Netflix.