‘Picture abhi baaki hai doston,’ says Shah Rukh Khan, hinting at his OTT debut

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If the world’s pandemics have taught us anything, it’s that digital platforms are here to stay.

While theatres may return to their former glory, OTT platforms will thrive alongside them—but not disappear.

As a result, we’ve seen top Bollywood stars jump on the OTT bandwagon.

On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan has remained an exception until now, though this appears to be changing soon.

SRK appeared in a commercial for the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service

King Khan recently starred in an advertisement for Disney+ Hotstar, which sent fans into a frenzy.

The 40-second video begins with Khan waving to his fans from his balcony, revelling in the fact that no other actor can draw such a crowd outside their home.

His manager, however, quickly points out that this could change soon, as all big stars except him have projects on Hotstar.

Fans are confident that we will see an SRK-Disney+ Hotstar collaboration

Bollywood’s Badshah appears surprised and inquires as to who the other actors are.
Ajay Devgn (Bhuj), Akshay Kumar (Laxmii), Saif Ali Khan (Bhoot Police), and Sanjay Dutt are all mentioned by his manager (Bhuj).

The ad concludes with “To be continued,” and fans are confident that good news is on the way.

Karan Johar, the film’s director, tweeted the video, to which Khan responded with an Om Shanti Om dialogue.

SKR’s Twitter post

Fans of SRK were also treated to his man bun look

Khan, who last appeared on the big screen in 2018, also won over fans by showing off his current long-haired look.

While we already know he’ll be sporting a rugged look in his next film, Pathan, we now have an official look at his man bun.

“Jab Bhi Announcement Hoga Tabhi Apna Diwali, Eid, Christmas Hoga,” wrote one fan.

Is there a show called ‘Siway,’ or is it just an ad campaign?

The ad concludes, “Disney+ Hotstar pe sab hai siway Shah Rukh ke [Everyone is on Disney+ Hotstar except SRK].”

On his Instagram post, the Zero actor used the hashtag #SiwaySRK.

The intentional use of this hashtag makes us wonder if the future project (if one exists) is called Siway.

It could also be a marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, SRK is currently filming Atlee’s next project.