YRF Saathi Card will help film industry daily-wage staff

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Aditya Chopra, the CEO of Yash Raj Films (YRF), has introduced a new program called “Saathi Card” to assist the Hindi film industry’s daily wage employees.

The card would entitle workers and their families to health insurance, school fee reimbursement, and food rations, among other advantages.

The card was introduced by The Yash Chopra Foundation.

Applicants must be registered members of the Hindi Film Federation of Mumbai

Anyone who is a registered member of the Hindi Film Federation in Mumbai, is 35 years or older, and has at least one direct dependant, according to reports, is eligible to apply for the Saathi Card.

People working in the sector on a daily salary would be able to fund their children’s education, receive up to Rs. 2 lakh in health insurance, and receive free yearly check-ups, among other advantages.

In the future, the initiative will be expanded: Senior Vice President of YRF

According to Miss Malini, YRF’s current project is based on the internationally recognized policy of “universal basic support.”

According to the portal, Akshaye Widhani, Senior Vice-President of YRF, the Saathi Card is YRF’s method of giving a “support system to those who form the backbone of our industry.”

He also stated that the program will be expanded in the future.

The epidemic had a significant impact on daily wage earners

For months, the COVID-19 epidemic essentially halted activity in the entertainment sector.

Just as everyone was getting back to work, the second wave halted everything once more.

Daily wage earners suffered the hardest in such a circumstance, almost losing their sustenance.

Chopra, on the other hand, has consistently helped the employees in a variety of ways, including organizing a vaccination push, offering monetary assistance, and delivering ration packages.

In May, Chopra established the Yash Chopra Saathi Initiative

Chopra established the “Yash Chopra Saathi Initiative” in May to help individuals in the business who are in need of financial assistance.

It included delivering ration packages to employees for a family of four for a month through their NGO partners, as well as offering Rs. 5,000 to women and elderly people working in the film business.