Most Awaited Stranger Things Season 4 Another Teaser out

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Shawn Levy the creator of Stranger Things released a new teaser that can give you goosebumps this teaser has given a different edge to a story. New characters are shown in the teaser. Netflix debuted another teaser of Stranger Things Season 4 on the Tudum event which took place last Saturday.

The teaser gives us cold creeps as it begins with a strange family who is entering the old-fashioned house but everything happened in the Stranger Things Manner. The teaser has raised the expectation bar and now the audience is eager for the final full-fledged season.

We completely understand that this season got delayed and creators are also concerned about it. But they also mentioned that this season is going to be the spookiest season of all time. It will be worth waiting. In 2019 when season 3 was out it became one of the most viewed seasons within 4 days of its launch. From then people are waiting for the next season.

The Stranger Things team has already given some hints of the new season. Earlier in 2020, a teaser was out which show the comeback of the favorite character. And the last teaser which was launched in May 2021 talks about the past of Eleven. Another 30 seconds teaser was out in August 2021. So the company is dropping enough hints which are exciting all of us.

Till now there is no official date of Stranger Things Season 4 but it will surely release in 2022.

What is in the New Teaser of Stranger Things Season 4?

With the launch of the new teaser, fans got a new creepy peek into Stanger Things 4. Teaser introduced a new creel house to its audience, a new location that will give a new storyline to the new season. The clip reminds us of the haunted house of the 20th century. And the stranger things touch like dead rabbits, flickering light, the appearance of a dead child. There is a lot of confusion about who had created all this mess creel or it happened in Upside down?

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Trailer (NEW, 2022)

At the end of the teaser, we found our five super genius kids Steve, Dustin, Max, and Caleb. They are in the picture again for solving the issue.

The teaser is filled with unexpected things, mysterious vibes, and whatnot. If you have missed any of the teasers go and watch it now. New-season will release in 2022 and soon we will confirm the dates.