Sex Education Season 4 Announced By Netflix: Moordale Is Out Of Picture


One of the most awaited seasons of Sex Education is out on 17 September 2021. Sex Education Season 3 ended where the school was up for the sale and the main character Maeve is also heading to America. The last episode of season three was emotional and heart-wrenching. So, we can say that the third season was not at all disappointing. And seeing the response of the fans, the maker took no time in announcing the comeback of Sex Education season 4. There was a huge global event the TUDUM which took place last weekend where the cast announced Season 4.

The lives of all the students of the series are going to take a new turn because of their protest which leads to the shutdown of Moordale High. Now the biggest question arises where Otis and other students will land up for the final year.

This article will give you a few insights into Sex Education Season 4.

Speculated Launch Date of Sex Education Season 4

Without any delay, Netflix has announced another season of Sex Education. The news was confirmed with a short 15 seconds video. Now the question arises when will it release. According to our speculation, we can expect next season at the end of 2022. The production team requires at least one year for everything from shooting to post-production formalities.

What plotline of you can expect?

Let’s discuss the season 3 ending. Love birds who were hiding feelings from the last three seasons finally confronted their feelings. But due to Maeve’s career, there will be held on to their budding relationship. We can expect long-distance relations in Sex Education Season 4. The investors of Moordale sold the school which will give a new turn to the storyline. We also witnessed Adam and Eric broke up after the Nigeria trip. Eric will be back with his ex and you can also expect a love triangle. Jean also gave birth to a baby boy and Ola named him Joy. Now the identity of the father of Joy is still not revealed we can expect this plot in Season 4.
The investors of Moordale sold the school which will give a new turn to the storyline. The students will find a new school for their final year. If you haven’t seen season 3 then go and watch right now you will fall in love with the unexpected character.