American Superhero Film Black Adam Confirmed In 2022: All Information Under One Roof

black adam

A spinoff from Shazam by DC Extended Universe (DCEU) named Black Adam is scheduled for the year 2022. Black Adam is an American superhero film that is based on a character from DC comics. The storyline is written by Adam Sztykiel and Rory Haines. The movie is based on Black Adam by Otto Binder C. C. Beck.

This is one of the big projects of DCEU and the filming of the movie is still under process. The producer Johnson keeps updating the details on his Twitter handle. He is more excited than the fans. They have also assured me that Black Adam is going to be the most comic-accurate film for all the superhero fans.

The cast of the movie is the cherry on the cake. You will witness Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. role of Atom Smasher will be played by Centino and so on. The director of the movie is Jaume Collet-Serra. The main character of the movie is Black Adam who is the biggest brute of Shazam in books. Black Adam has the same powers as Shazam but he received his powers from an Old God named Shazam. Wrong use of powers made him prison for more than 5000 years. The release date of this film was out in a small teaser.

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Finale Release date of Black Adam

Fans were enthusiastic when creators released the final date in a small teaser. Earlier it was scheduled for 2021 but due to a pandemic, the shooting of the movie got delayed, and now when everything is getting back to normal. So the movie is planned for July 29, 2022. Let’s hope everything goes well and we will receive our superhero movie on time.

Things You Must Know About Black Adam

Like other DC movies, this will also be in the dark theme. The dark theme will perfectly compliment the main character, Black Adam. the movie can last for 2-3 hours and the best part of the superhero will be shown. You can also expect heavy visual effects with green touch in the movie.
The movie is still under production we can expect another long trailer at the beginning of 2022. This is all we have gathered for you. We will keep updating our page with more official information.