Hubie Halloween Season 2: Will It Happen?

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If you are a Halloween lover then Netflix got you covered. Netflix’s one of the amazing and horrifying Halloween comedy films is all set to come back on your screens. Hubie Halloween’s first part was released in 2020. The running time of the movie was approximately 100 minutes. When the first part was released it was continuously on the top for 15 days. Hubie Halloween is a native American Series. It is the perfect blend of comedy, Halloween horror, and amusement. The movie was directed by Steven Brill. The film got mixed reviews from critics. This is one of the most popular projects of Sandler. There is no such official information regarding this film but from the last movie, we can make some assumptions.

In the first part, we saw Hubie Dubois played by Adam Sandler who was ridiculed by everyone in the city. He inspects the city during Halloween. He is playing the leading comedy role. There are many people out there who are waiting for the comeback of this movie.

Can you expect Hubie Halloween Season 2 in 2022?

There is no exact information on the confirmation of the second part of Hubie Halloween. But if producers are thinking about Season 2 then we can expect it at the end of 2022.
We are making it clear once again this is a wild guess you have to wait for the confirmation of the second season.

Contact of Netflix and Writers

Netflix is in regular touch with Sandler not only for the second part but also for other projects like Murder Mystery. They both have good collaboration. Netflix and Sandler are still in conversation regarding this movie. We will update our page asap with the latest information.

Who will appear in Hubie Halloween?

Many characters will be seen repeatedly in the second part also. A few of them are mentioned here:

Adam Sandler’s main role will be seen as Hubie Dubois.
Julie Bowen Hubie’s love interest.
Kevin James as Steven Downey is regularly bothered By Sandler.
Ray Liotta as Pete Landolfa is upset due to his father’s demise. A rude man of the film.
Hubie’s mother will be played by June Squibb.

These are some of the main characters and we will see more faces on our screen.


Till now no official updates are out regarding the confirmation of Hubie Halloween Season 2. We will keep on updating you. If you haven’t watched Hubie Halloween season 1 then go and enjoy it right now.