In Bigg Boss 15, Ishaan Sehgal and Miesha Iyer’s relationship is a game or genuine?

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Cupid has already visited the Bigg Boss home in less than a week, making it one of the quickest love tales ever.

Miesha and Ishan’s relationship is progressing every day. In yesterday’s episode, which was not aired on TV but seen by the live audience, Ishan and Miesha embraced intimately as well as kissed deeply.

Miesha Iyer, the second season’s winner, informed all of the previous contestants about her relationship with Pratik and how he used to be frightening with her, his sister dismissed it, and she clarified that they were not in a relationship.

During the live broadcast, Ishaan and Miesha are unable to converse with one another because of a minor misunderstanding.

In the following episode, Ishaan is certain that Miesha told Pratik about the maps and their locations.

He explains that he is unhappy with her habit of talking everything with Pratik, especially after a conflict in the past.

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Meisha tells him there was nothing in the past, but she adds that she is pleased they ran into each other again. She also has a good relationship with him now.

Ishaan and Pratik have been playing a major part in the narrative. Furthermore, she claims to have been in a relationship with Pratik at various times, yet they were simply good friends at other points. Is she utilizing both Ishaan and Pratik in her game?

Ishaan appears to be taken with her. He claimed he would want to marry her if everything went well.

Many in the house are still in the dark about Ishaan and Miesha’s relationship. Some people think they’re simply acting for the show.

The conflict between Ishaan and Miesha will be fascinating to observe as they try to develop their relationship.

What are your thoughts on Ishaan and Miesha’s relationship? Are they genuinely in love or pretending?

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