Kolkata man went to bank wearing shorts, staff asked him to ‘maintain decency’

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We do have a dress code to go to school, offices, and in some cases luxurious restaurants, too. But what if we tell you that you might have to follow a dress code for visiting SBI branches, too? Shocked enough? A strange case has come to light of a person not being allowed to enter a State Bank of India (SBI) branch because of his clothes in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The person complained about this to the bank on social media, which is now going viral. He went to the bank wearing shorts, but the bank employees did not allow him to enter.

Several other people have taken to social media and shared their opinions on the matter.

Kolkata resident tweets to the bank asking questions

Ashish, a resident of Kolkata, tweeted and wrote, ‘Hey SBI, went to one of your branch today wearing shorts, was told that I need to come back wearing full pants as the branch expects customers to “maintain decency”.’

Finally, he inquired as to whether or not the bank has an official policy on what customers can and cannot wear.

A similar incident has happened before too

Ashish also told that in 2017 such an incident has happened in Pune also when a person was not allowed to enter the bank because he was wearing Bermuda shorts.

The matter has left people divided

This tweet made on November 16 has garnered more than 2,700 likes and people are divided on it.

Srinivasan Ramaswamy wrote on Twitter, ‘We citizens should show some courtesy while visiting bank branches and other public places… There is no morality left in the new generation of youth.’

At the same time, a user named Rajendra has written that shorts are not indecent at any place and the bank is no different from other public places.

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SBI informed there is no dress code for customers

SBI has also responded to Ashish’s complaint. Taking to Twitter, the bank wrote, ‘We understand and respect your problem. On this occasion, we would like to clarify that there is no fixed dress code or policy for our customers. They can dress as per their wish and keep the local customs in mind.

Ashish was also asked for the branch’s location by the bank.

Ashish withdrew the complaint

Ashish informed the bank about the resolution of his issue and the closure of the complaint following the bank’s tweet.

He wrote, “I have with me Mr Joy Chakraborty ( CM Admin of the region )  with me, they came to my home and have taken care of the Issue. I would like to close this complaint and do not want any action against the staff.”

He emphasised the fact that a little sensitivity towards customers can improve the situation manifold.