DC League of Super-Pets trailer: Krypto on a mission to save the world


The world always seems to be a safe place for humankind because our superheroes are always on duty. But did you ever wonder who would save the world if superheroes got abducted? Fret not. The furry superheroes are here to save the day. Their magical powers and cute personalities will take you on a pawsome ride.

The first trailer for Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming animated feature DC League of Super-Pets has finally been dropped and it’s pretty amazing, to say the least.

What makes the film even more amazing and a must-watch is the star-studded cast behind those cuties we would see on screen.

Meet the amazing voices behind the super cute cast

John Krasinski of The Office fame is the voice behind Superman in the film.

Meanwhile, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has rendered his boisterous voice for the super-dog Krypto.

Johnson’s buddy Kevin Hart dives in as Ace the Bat-hound and Marc Maron plays the supervillain Lex Luthor.

Kate McKinnon, Diego Luna, Keanu Reeves, Natasha Lyonne, and Jameela Jamil are also part of the film.

Trailer begins with Krypto trying to wake Superman up

The comical representation is an absolute delight to watch!

Other than Krypto, the film has a pig who can blow up to monstrous proportions, a turtle who can be flash-fast, and a squirrel (or should we call the lord of lightning) who can send lightning from its hands.

Power does look cute!

Krypto goes on a mission to convince other pets to unleash their superpowers

To save Superman and other Justice League members from getting kidnapped, Krypto goes on a mission to convince the other shelter animals to use their abilities and help him.

DC League of Super-Pets was supposed to release this year, but it is finally coming to us on May 20, 2022.

Jared Stern (The Lego Batman Movie) has written and directed the project.

Check out the trailer here

DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS – Official Trailer

The Iron Man joke in the trailer needs your special attention

The 2:43-minute-long trailer mostly has Johnson’s voice but other characters also get the scope to present their lines.

Oh, and don’t miss the Iron Man joke (what a snap)!

Along with the trailer, the makers also shared a synopsis that reads, “The DC Super-Pets are ready to sit, stay, save the world. DC League of Super-Pets will be unleashed in theatres May 2022.”