Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh’s first wedding pictures go viral, first wife accuses him of assault

Rakhi Sawant's husband Ritesh's first wedding pics go viral, first wife accuses him of assault

Ritesh, husband of Bollywood’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant, at first remained a mystery to everyone and now that his face has been exposed to the world through ‘Bigg Boss 15’, a different story related to him is coming out.

He is making headlines after his alleged first wife Snigdha has accused him of domestic violence. His wedding picture has also gone viral on social media.

Here is the full news.

Ritesh reportedly got married in Bihar

Some old pictures of Rakhi’s husband Ritesh are going viral on social media.

In one picture, Ritesh is seen with his first wife and child and the second picture is of Ritesh and his first wife’s wedding, in which he is seen sitting on stage with his wife.

It is being told that Ritesh’s first marriage took place in 2014 in Bihar and it was an arranged one.

Here are Ritesh’s pictures with his first wife

Ritesh’s wife makes severe allegations

According to reports, the name of Ritesh’s first wife is Snigdha Priya. He has accused Ritesh of assault.

“I parted ways with him in 2017 when he thrashed me with a belt for four hours in Chennai,” Snigdha said.

The woman said, “It was about a small issue that he locked me in the room and kept beating me for four hours. After this incident, I left him and came back to Bihar.”

Ritesh got Rs 25 lakh as dowry

Snigdha added, “I occasionally spoke to him for my son’s sake, as my son is attached to him. He had beaten me on several occasions in the past, but we still stayed together.”

He said, “My sister found him on the matrimonial website. As per Bihar’s custom, my family gave him Rs 25 lakh in dowry during the marriage. He lied to us that he was an IIT alumnus.”

“Ritesh is with Rakhi for money”

Snigdha said, “I am not officially divorced with him yet. He is not financially strong and belongs to a modest middle-class family. He told many lies at the time of marriage. His thinking is also very poor and old.”

The woman said, “If I get a chance, I am ready to reveal his truth to everyone in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. He only cares about money and that’s why he loves Rakhi.”

If one talks about Rakhi and Ritesh’s presence in ‘Bigg Boss 15’, things don’t seem to be going down well between the couple. Both have also been seen fighting with each other. In one of the episodes, Ritesh expressed his anger over Rakhi’s behaviour.

Rakhi also exposed Ritesh in ‘Bigg Boss 14’

In ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Rakhi was seen making several revelations related to Ritesh. She was telling a contestant that Ritesh is already married and he also has a child. Rakhi went on to add that Ritesh wasn’t divorced from his first wife.